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Baatein kum, kaam zyaada

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Women empower women…hmmm…Interesting topic…It`s almost become a fad to talk about women empowerment , women liberalization , women standing tall, women making a mark on their own etcetra…..cool.

There are innumerable examples of women who have inspired and motivated us. They are from all walks of life- politicians, sportpersons, philanthropists, celebs, artists, educators, writers, social figures, scientists, entrepreneurs, administrators, business world….cool.

Some of them make it to our history books, some are sadly lost in time, some are out in the sun shining, some prefer to stay behind.

Empowerment is a strong word. As per the dictionary,  it`s authority or power given to someone to do something.  In the context of women empowerment it is the way  of making them stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. In our deep rooted patriarchal society, women coming out of their cocoons , finding their new identities and stretching their wings to fly is indeed a bold step.

What causes women to be empowered? What makes them strong and confident? I feel the difference between what was and what is now lies in EDUCATION.

Education gives us wings. It helps us in our personal, social and economic growth. It makes us aware of  the difference between right and wrong. It brings happiness and prosperity. When a woman is educated , its not just for the upliftment of that particular individual but for the society at large. An educated woman is a society`s  biggest asset.

As per Hindu mythology, naari hi shakti hai-woh hi Kaali, Saraswati, Laxmi hai. Women empowerment doesnt come by brainstorming in board rooms, chatting in the comforts of our drawing rooms or analyzing any statistical data. Women are empowered when we are not eager to know the sex of the foetus, women are empowered when a family welcomes a girl child with the same enthusiasm as the birth of a son, women are empowered when we do not restrict our budget on spending on our daughters education, women are empowered when they do not face pay disparities at work places or their growth and promotions are not hindered because she is a fairer sex. Women are empowered when we provide them with a solid support system when she decides to step out and work beyond home, women are empowered when we realise that she has her own identity separate from her family , women are empowered when they are not subjected to any kind of emotional, physical or sexual harassment, women are empowered when prospective groom doesn`t advertise for a fair, slim homely girl, women are empowered when we do not bind them in the name of society, women are empowered in so many ways that gives them courage, confidence, love ,respect and financial independence…..

What is needed is working in the direction where we can actually make a difference to her life rather than just mouthing big promises. Times are not too far away when we realise this dream and women would be truly empowered.

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