Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

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My Mother, My Inspiration

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My Mother, My Inspiration
Obviously as I am her lovely creation.
She taught me to walk
She’s the only one with whom I can have a heart to heart talk.
I got my artistic streak from her
She is truly an Art connoisseur
I paint beautiful pictures
And she draws beautiful rangolis
I make creative crafts
And she weaves creative woollens
I have also taken my love for dressing from her
How I used to admire and wait to wear her sarees when young
She’s also a classic master chef
I am still learning to walk on her footsteps
How much I remember our shopping episodes
Each shop and each sale we would both enjoy together
She’s a doting mother and now Grandmother
I love to see my kids and her bonding together.
Today when I see my friends getting inspired by my energy
Then I know from where I got all this synergy.
Moms are special
Their loving caring makes them exceptional.
She taught me to love and care and inspire
Like her and only her I always wish to aspire.

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