Kal Ho Na Ho

Yesterday morning woke up to the heartbreaking news of former External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj`s untimely shocking death.  I am a very unpolitical person but it somehow seemed like a personal loss. A pall of gloom descended and people flooded social media to mourn the passing away of one of our most beloved leader whose stature was internationally acclaimed.

The End came unexpectedly, suddenly. It has been reported that a senior advocate had spoken to her as late as 8:45, some minutes after which she had a cardiac arrest. She left behind her unfulfilled promises, wishes and a vacuum which probably only time will heal. ….Zindagi, kaisi ye paheli hai, kabhi ye hasaaye, kabhi ye rulaaye……

Though it is said that what actually we have on our hand is ‘present‘, yet we mortals are always entangled in our past and future. We brood , we think, we regret, we worry but we don`t act. When life is so unpredictable, should we not just live it as if there is no tomorrow? We are so busy in healing our bruised egos, in running a rat race, in surpassing others in terms of money,  name,fame ,in filling our hearts with pride and jealously. One simple mantra if mastered can save us from the pain of lying, hiding and  bad karma; i.e. whatever is in my destiny , no one can snatch it from me and what is not, no matter how hard I try will never be mine……Life is so beautiful and easy if seen through the right lenses and so difficult and bumpy if they are hazy.

Laugh, love and live 🙂 …..I know, things are always easier said than done. Yet if we try, small consistent efforts can bring in sea change. Ill-fate, illness, betrayal, diseases, losses are all part of the journey planned by Almighty. Dont let them overshadow <span class="skimlinks-unlinked">life.Live</span> in the PRESENT. ​Dont postpone your happiness to tomorrow. Spend quality time with spouses, children, siblings and most importantly with parents. Tell and show near ones your love and care. Stop taking people and time for granted. Enjoy the little little things in life. Thank God for each beautiful moment HE has planned for you.

Could not think of anything but a beautiful rendition by Kishore Kumar in Golmaal:

आनेवाला पल, जानेवाला है
हो सके तो इस में जिन्दगी बिता दो
पल जो ये जानेवाला है……..

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