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5 Good Reasons To Keep Promises to Your Kids by Dimpaal Saahy (Expert Column)

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We often make promises with the best of intentions and then…life happens. Circumstances change, schedules gets busy, and there are multiple reasons why following through with our pledge is too inconvenient or impossible.
But there’s more importance lying underneath the surface of those little everyday promises. It’s the foundation of a relationship, the construction of lifelong character, and the setting of a standard to a high level.

Consider these 5 good reasons to keep your promises to your kids.

  1. Keeping promises teaches your kids they can trust you.
    Following through on the day-to-day promises teaches that when mom says it, you can bank on it.
  2. Keeping promises to your kids models personal integrity.
    The more your children observe you keeping your word to them and others, even when it’s not easy, the more likely they will be to do the same.
  3. Keeping promises to your kids tells them they are important.
    Your child will notice if you keep your word to others, but not to them. Feeling valued is fundamental to any relationship. If you want a strong relationship with your child, keep your promises.
  4. Keeping promises to your kids builds respect.
    Integrity is a key ingredient in respect. When you keep your promises to your children and others, you show them that you are deserving of their respect.
  5. Keeping promises to your kids teaches them how to have good relationships.
    Relationships are built on trust: no matter where you are.

By modeling promise keeping with your children, you’re equipping them to be better spouses, better employers and employees, and better friends. Training your child to treat people well will result in better relationships for him throughout life and a better life as a result!

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1926731_10203528827322165_648500657_n More About Dimpaal Saahy: Prior to founding Small Wonders Early Learning Centre, Dimpaal has been working with children for close to 30 years with teaching experience at J.N. Petit Technical High School, Bishop’s Co-ed School Kalyani Nagar and Muktangan English School Pune.

 Additionally, She has 3 years of experience as a training facilitator for retail management, soft skills, and financial skills with IIJT.

Dimpaal Saahy has also worked as the resource person at the State Wise Massive and Rigorous Training program for Primary teachers during the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan from 1997 to 2000. She is an active member of the Association of Early Childhood Education and Development.

She has been rewarded by the Maharashtra Government for making the most innovative teaching aids in 1998.

Dimpaal Saahy is also Advisory member for Train for India.

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