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Diapers: Strain or Solution

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Diapers are a big question especially for new moms. This chaos is common because we hear a lot of myths and misconceptions about it. From my prospective its very useful for babies and moms too if used wisely. Diapers has changed babies lives because mothers don’t have to think twice before taking them out for a longer period of time. It’s a big savior for today’s multi-tasker moms.

I used diapers for 3yrs for my kid and started when he was 2 months old. Truly, with god’s grace I didn’t face any problems nor my baby because I guess I kept some precautions right from the beginning while using diapers. Here are they—-

1.Never use diapers for a new born baby immediately because their skin is too sensitive and not adapted to environmental conditions. At least wait for two months before using diapers.

2.  Select a diaper which suits your baby skin. It should be of good quality and easy to wear. For my baby I chose “Mamy Poko Pants”. Once or twice I used other brand diaper but failed my expectations. So, I always sticked to “Mamy Poko Pants”.

3.Change diapers frequently. Don’t keep baby in same wet diaper for long. The duration mom has to decide according to baby’s pee.

4.Rashes are a big problem when the baby is wet for longer period and using single diaper for too long.

5.When changing diapers always clean baby with baby wipes and let dry. Then, apply “diaper rash powder” and then make them wear fresh diaper. I used “Johnson and Johnson” rash powder and never faced any skin problems.

6. Always keep baby free from diapers when at home. Use diapers only for travel purpose. This enables baby to understand bit by bit when and where they have to pee.

7. Dear moms don’t be stressed that baby will get used to diapers and will not learn toilet manners. Babies learn when the time comes but yes, don’t let them depend on diapers more than 2-3yrs.

8. Babies become quite interactive by the age of 2-3 years so we can easily teach them toilet manners, but moms have to put a little more effort and have to keep a check on their pee pattern.

9. My son didn’t use diapers for going school at age of 2. But for travel purpose we did use it for one more year because once he used to get engaged with toys or games he forgets to tell about pee/potty and messed up his clothes. During winters he usually pee at night time on bed so for that purpose we used diapers at home otherwise not.

10. Gradually he learnt to travel without diapers and inform us before pee. We keep a check on his pee timings and don’t let him drink water just before sleeping so as to avoid getting bed wet.

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