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My Man,My Pride!

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  Getting an understanding, caring and lovable partner is totally a luck as I believe. No one should ever have a thought that they lack something in themselves just because  they don’t have a partner who makes less efforts to make their relationship work. This is something which cannot be taught somewhere, we can always learn from our own experiences accordingly with the nature of person we are with.

Sometimes the person is not naturally compatible with us but still if we try to make an effort to become compatible is a good act. I know many of us don’t like to make changes in them for anyone but to make your better-half feel special doesn’t makes you lesser in anyway.

I am not trying to portrait any fairy-tale scenario; just want to showcase beautiful side of my man I am blessed with. It’s not that my partner and I never have arguments or misunderstandings, but we always learn from our fights and let go off the people and situations that may destroy our bond. Yes, I depend on my man and so does he and this is how our marriage grows. Depending on my man doesn’t makes me less independent less capable or less worthy in anyway. Many of them may not be able to relate to it but it’s totally my perspective.

*He is not very expressive about his feelings. He usually doesn’t say how much he loves me, but his gestures do speak, and it makes me feel good about myself. I do plan small surprises gifts for him regularly but when he plans something that has an everlasting effect on my heart.

*I am capable of doing all the work by myself from household chores to my studies and take care of my kids or something else. But I love when my husband helps me out in each task and participates on his own.

*I don’t have to remind him for anything he himself keeps a check on our needs. Sometimes I may forget to buy my medicines or other much needed stuffs, but he never forgets and this gesture of him always touches my heart. Instead, he always forgets about his own stuffs and keeps his needs at last and prioritize me and kids.

  • In spite, of his hectic day at work he helps me out with household chores respecting that even I had a hectic day at home.

*He inspired me to complete my Ph.D. degree even after my first baby. He often takes leave from his work to take me to my college and take care of our kid so that I can focus completely on my studies.

*He often manages to come early from office so that I can party with my friends go out with them and have fun.

*He gives me weekend off with cooking work and sometimes more than that when I am not well.

  • Meanwhile I am expecting my second child he totally takes care of the first one. He wakes him up, makes breakfast and lunch, get him ready and drops at school so that I could rest for some more time in morning. He helps him in his homework guides him in his school projects.

*He not only cares for us but equally take responsibility of his parents, his younger siblings and always stands with them in their ups and downs. He equally respects my parents, my siblings and try to be always there for them too.

*He is my alarm clock, my personal photographer, my spa, my favourite pillow, my Mr. Fix it. He is the reason of my smile he is in real means my “TRUE SOULMATE”.

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