Count your Blessings

It is said that opposites are complementary to each other. We value light only after seeing the dark. The warmth of summer can be appreciated after chilly winter nights. The nights when I was not sure if I would be able to see the next morning light, showed me how precious life is and how stupid are we to crib and complain about our lives.

We complain about getting up early in the morning be it for packing our kids to school or giving those extra hours to meet the office deadline. We complain about running errands the whole day taking care of the family with no time left to ourselves, coming home late, hitting the bed instantly going to sleep with no time to sit with the family…. Stop and ponder…..

Don’t you think instead of complaining we should thank God that He has given us a family to care and above that, the ability to work. How wonderful!!!! You have the energy to work tirelessly all day making a house into a home, fulfilling your dreams and living life to the fullest.

Have we not started to take the things for granted: the dawn, the morning rays of sun into our room, the roof on our head , the clothes on our body and the food on our plate. We think we deserve all this that’s why we have it so feel- “What’s the big deal !”

We only see the things we don’t have or lack or our disabilities but turn a blind eye to the countless blessings that were even unasked and showered on us by the Almighty. As I crept out of my hollowness and braved the odds to start life afresh, I became braver, selfless , stronger, grateful being . Let`s find pleasure in the simplest of the things around us. Life is too precious and beautiful to be wasted on grudges , bitterness, hurt ego and vanity. How many times do we thank God for all that he has given us? Let’s start counting our blessings.

Next time when we open your eyes in the morning don’t rush. Instead, sit calmly for 1 minute and thank Him for a beautiful morning. No matter how tough and bumpy the ride is, believe me there are innumerable reasons to enjoy it. Thank Him for giving you a body which tirelessly works for you day and night, thank Him for the wonderful sleep- there are many out there who have to make efforts to put themselves to sleep. How nice it is to feel the ground under your two feet. A simple gesture of closing your eyes and holding your hands in gratitude every morning will fill you with positivity.

Come out of your cocoon and stretch your wings. Life is waiting there welcoming you with stretched arms. Go and reach it.

Let’s not let the hardships and failures deter us or make us disillusioned. The days when I am distressed I just go out and look around. The birds chirping by, the sun on my face ,the beautiful vast, blue sky ,the lush green grass swaying in the cool breeze…. how lovely everything around is!!! Nature has its own way of teaching us survival tips.

The smallest of the creature is also blessed and capable to look after itself. We as humans have the highest abilities and aptitude .All we need is to believe in ourselves.

Practice makes a man perfect. Let’s practice to try before quitting, Let’s practice to live before dying. Let’s practice positivity. Let’s practice gratitude. Let’s practice to be more giving and most important of all let’s practice to give ourselves a second chance to live life to the fullest. Life is a blessing not to be wasted on others opinions about you, false pretences, materialistic ambitions and running a rat race.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Let’s take a small step towards living a life full of gratitude , contentment and peace……

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