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Balanced Diet Makes You Healthy, And Balanced Life Keeps Your Relationship Healthy 😇

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Pooja Sharma, Fashion and Beauty Expert, Miss Zesty

A balanced diet is one that has every nutrient in it and keep us healthy, in the same way A BALANCED PERSON IS ONE WHO CAN KEEP ALL THE RELATIONSHIPS WITH HIM AND LIVE PEACEFULLY.
From gold to vegetables whatever we buy, we stay so precise that, whatever we are buying should be accurate i.e. “Balanced”. We stay so calculative regarding the things can we be such balanced towards our lives?? If not completely, at least half of it??

Many people are not realizing the fact that how unbalanced they’re in their lives. We keep on blaming the things and incidents. “Why is this happening to me? why this happened to me? Why is he doing this to me? Why is she doing this to me……. So on.

But have we ever thought how this can be resolved, most of the time or almost every time we don’t get into making the things better but what are we doing? Just leaving the problem, thinking that it can never be solved or it will get resolved itself.

This is where we all are so unbalanced. We protect our things because we ” Need” Them. But do we protect our all relationships with same attitude i.e. with same need?? I agree that to live our life the way we want, we don’t really “need” anyone but is this the right way we all are heading to,even in case of our family?

We definitely not need to keep every relationship, even when it is not working, but do we don’t even need our family. Every single person has to strike a balance between his or her relationship, this is even true for a mother.

If a mother is giving candies to her children and one of the child is getting just one extra then the other one simply says, “Mom you love him/her more“. Mother always gives equal things to all her children, she loves them equally. She is a mother, and even she has to be balanced in life.

So being a husband or being a wife or anyone don’t we need to be a little balanced and concerned towards our relationship. “DON’T LEAVE THE ONE YOU LOVE FOR ANOTHER, BUT AT LEAST KEEP THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU”. Leaving the one, keeping the other is definitely not the right way to to lead a life. We have to be with all the family members to live happily and peacefully.

Even if we leave one behind intentionally, and we keep moving may be happily but NEVER PEACEFULLY because in our heart we will always remember that I left someone who used to love me.

Few Relationships are very important and delicate, we have to be very cautious towards those. Just like a balanced diet keeps you healthy, being balanced in life keeps our relationships healthy. Realize this fact, that being unbalanced not only affects one person’s life but many other.


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