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Parental Pressure on Kids – How Much is Too Much? by Yajat Shrivastav

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IMG_20190723_175407Author: Yajat Shrivastav

Have you ever been in a situation where you have given your 100%, but you have failed to achieve your parents’ expectations?

Parents should not pressurize their children so much that they eventually give up. They need to understand that a child has a breaking point and also understand their child’s maximum potential. They should also look through their child’s behavior, whether or not he is behaving the same as before and is in his own jolly self.

They should also keep in mind that a child should be relaxed and not make him study every single minute. They should understand that a child should be happy and calm; otherwise they would spend their whole childhood worrying about marks.

Parents pressuring their child, has a lot of negative effects. A child’s most nervous times are the ones during his board exams, as they are pressurized a lot by their parents. If they think they would have not achieved their parents’ expectations, they do horrible things like committing suicide. They either do it through self-immolation, or by hanging themselves; we can’t even imagine how painful those moments are. Already a student has to face pressure and stress because of school, friends and other people who judge us for everything we do; the only people whose support matters to us is our parents and when we don’t get that, it gets extremely difficult for us.

A seventeen year-old boy committed suicide as he was unable to complete five questions in physics paper. The reason was tension and fear as he was scared what his parents would do when they would get to know that.  He jumped from the 6th floor of a  building after writing the paper. Can you imagine what might be going through his mind that he felt that jumping from the building was easier than facing his parents?


Parents pressuring their children can lead to various dangerous acts, of which they only regret about in the future. Parents need to understand a child’s emotions and feelings. They need to realize how much pressure is enough and also they need to understand that scoring high in school is simply a part of life, it is not our life. Plus, our grades do not and can never define our future.

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