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Many Faces of Love

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Love is a language that does not need words. If you love someone then your actions speak louder than your words. Smallest of things that we do for our partners show how much we love them.

Here are a few things partners do that reflect how much they love their better half.

DSC01487He loves you if he puts down his phone to be with you.

He loves you if he stands by you when the world turns against you.

He loves you if he simply agrees to what you say, just to make you happy.

He loves you if comes and sits next to you, puts his arm around you and just holds you close.

He loves you if he lets you sleep after a long day of work and does not disturb you.

He loves you if he supports you not just in front of you but in your absence as well.

He loves you if he makes extra effort to comfort you when you are not feeling well.

He loves you if he values your opinions.

DSCN0481.JPGHe loves you even more when you are yourself struggling to like yourself.

He loves you if he understands that you are an individual as well with a different thought process.

He loves you if he cuddles you when you back to sleep after a fight.

He loves you if he notices and takes care of the things that you would need.

He loves you if your comfort and ease is as important to him as his own.


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