Dear Moms, Never Ever be Embarrassed

Why did you feel embarrassed while feeding your own baby just because some women fail to respect your choice? Why did you look down and felt low just because some women thought it is not a good idea to feed your baby in public?
Let me tell you one thing . . . You should not, you must not feel embarrassed because you were doing the right thing. Your baby was hungry, he wanted to be fed, he was scared to see a lot of people and he wanted to feel secure, you breastfed him . .  everything is ideal, perfect.
You are an amazing mother and I being a mom, I being a woman felt proud of you. 
If anyone should feel embarrassed then it should be the women who made you feel uncomfortable with their glances and gestures. The women who were talking about their own kids, the women who were mothers themselves and still did not offer you a seat when you entered in the crowded metro with a little baby in your arms.
Embarrassed should be the girls who thought it is okay to giggle at a mother feeding her baby, embarrassed should be the girls who thought that it is okay to keep standing with the baby in the metro.
It hurt me even more that the process of offering a seat to a mom happens only after the so called ‘fellow women/moms/girls’ have carefully gauged your clothing and analysed your financial status.
It is only after these confirmations that they decide whether or not they want to offer their seat. A not so rich mother with a little baby deserves a seat as much as the mother who looks comparatively richer. Obviously this does not apply to everyone because, there are many good people who do not judge others on the basis of their clothes and appearance.
You should be proud because you were standing happily with your baby and proud should be the girl who got up as soon as she saw you struggling to maintain a balance while the metro stopped all of a sudden. 
I was standing next to you and when the girl offered you her seat I can’t tell you how nice I felt. It made my day. It made me feel good. She was a very young girl, looked more like a student in her teens. She might not know what it means to be a mother, she might not know what you were struggling for but she still understood, she still understood better than the women who were mothers themselves.
This happens not just in Metro but in many public places. 
To the girls who giggled while you breastfed . . . “Shame on you! I am sorry to say this but initially I thought you guys might be laughing at something else but the gestures you showed later and the way you guys kept on doing it continuously when the woman breastfed her little baby, it made me feel sad, sad and sorry for your mother, because I think you don’t know that even she might have breastfed you when you would have been little, she might have also done it in public just because you needed it. When you laughed at the mother in metro . .  to be honest. . ..  you made fun of all mothers who choose their baby’s happiness and comfort over anything in this world.”
Dear mother who breastfed her baby in the metro . . . “you are a very good mom, who has her priorities set right. Please don’t ever look down in embarrassment while feeding your baby just because some ignorant or ill mannered people chose to think that what you are doing is either funny or disgusting. If anything was disgusting that day, then it was such people’s reaction to your motherly actions. Your baby was so cute.”
Dear girl who offered the seat to the mother . . . “Thank you … You brought a smile on the baby’s face. You brought a smile on many women, mothers or girls’ faces who understood the value of your gesture.”
This mother in the metro can be you or I or it can be anyone, all we have to remember is that as long as we know that we are doing the right thing, we do not have to feel embarrassed. We moms have all the right to feed our baby whenever and wherever we want and if anyone has any problem then he/ she can go to the place they deserve the best – hell.

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