Only Rainwater Harvesting Can Save Us by Avaneesh Mahalle

IMG-20190616-WA0001 Author: Avaneesh Mahalle

Rain water is the purest form of water. As it falls on the surface of Earth, it becomes dirty and we cannot consume it. When monsoon starts a large quantity of water gets wasted. The easiest thing the society can do is rainwater harvesting.

We can save rain water in many ways like:

  1. Making a rain barrel and connecting it to our balcony with a pipe.
  2. Digging big holes in open spaces and barricading those. This way water can simply reach the ground.
  3. Naturally recharge borewells. Rooftop rainwater is led through pipes with a filter at the end to open dug wells.
  4. Rain Saucers: Rain saucers fill up fast and are easiest to make using big bins and the saucers look like inverted umbrellas.

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IMG-20190716-WA0022We can also take little steps to conserve water at home:

  1. After washing your hands, close the tap tightly.
  2. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway and sidewalk.
  3. Do not leave the tap running while washing dishes or clothes.
  4. If you have water left in your water bottle or bucket, do not throw it away, simply pour it in the plant pot.
  5. See that there are no leaking taps in your home, school and neighbourhood.
  6. When going out of your house, always crosscheck the taps, so that no water is wasted when you are outside.
  7. Do not use fresh drinking water to clean cars or other vehicles. Try and clean them with a cloth instead to save water.
  8. Have a bath with a bucket of water instead of having a shower or using a bathtub.
  9. Water in which lentils, vegetables or fruits have been washed can be used to water plants.

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