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When You Look ‘Good’ You Start Feeling ‘Great’ by Meenal Raje

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Author: Meenal Raje
When you look ‘Good’ you start feeling ‘Great’ and for that you just need to pamper yourself at times to carry that beautiful look. Looking good is absolutely not dependent on how others see you. It is totally based on how you see yourself, how confident you feel about yourself.
Women don’t dress up to impress men, we dress up for ourselves because we love to do that.
Talking about fashion and beauty my fashion mantra is dressing up to the occasion. It really excites me.
Basics are always the most important. I Love my jeans, capris, tees/tops for casual outings, Sarees, lehengas, long kurtis, palazzos for festivities and weddings, dresses n skirts for dinners or movies and so on. It is important to keep your wardrobe sorted and always make sure that your dresses are categorised well.
Accessorize Well: Once you have decided what you are wearing, match it up with good accessories. Try some new hairstyles, like tie your hair little higher or a messy bun or cut it short for a while.
Change is always good and it gives a fresh look.
MakeupGlam up your look with basic makeup, Find a good shade of lipstick which suits you, Let your eyes shine and sparkle with a good kajal, Remember to put on a good perfume or a long lasting deo to carry a breeze of freshness around you.
Extra Tip: Some of my must haves, I always carry my favourite shade of lipstick, kajal, fresh wipes, comb and sometimes carry a pair of earrings so that if the plan changes while I am out I can quickly change my earrings touch up a little and have a different look instantly!!
I feel, You are the first person to see “You” in the mirror so, fall in love with that ‘BE You tiful’ You!!Carry yourself with great attitude and a smile on your face whatever you are wearing will always look stunning!!


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