Top Things All Dads Do When They Are Angry by Shaarav Patwardhan

Note From The Editor: Kindly note that this article is based on a small survey conducted by Shaarav Patwardhan, our Young Writer. This is an innocent post by children and they are all safe and happy and have wonderful dads. Let us try to see a child’s perspective. The aim of Miss Zesty’s Young Writers Club is to bring forth what kids think, want and wish for.

IMG-20190716-WA0019.jpgDads get angry. Every dad gets angry so we did a small survey to check what dads mostly do when they get angry. Please remember that this is a fun post and we (kids) love our dads, we are very very happy and it was a fun survey. Kindly do not judge our fathers based on anything.

First of all let me share the core result: Dads don’t scold, punish or shout at daughters. All girls in the survey including our teacher shared that their dads have never punished or shouted at them :/ Hmmm… why this partiality dads?

For Example, Swati shared that whenever her father used to get angry with her, he used to put her toys in a bag and donate them to someone to teach her a lesson. So here as well we can see that she was neither scolded or shouted at.

While Varad shared that his father scolds him, and he and his brother get a beating for being too naughty. They are also made to study for two hours. To be honest most of us get the beating :/ It is not too harsh though 😛

Soham shares that his father makes him stand outside the house for 1-2 hours to give him some time to think about his mistake. It must be hilarious to stand outside the house.

Darsheel’s father is definitely different as he first gives a warning and if the mistake is repeated then he gets the beating.

So we can conclude that top things that dads do when they get angry is shouting, give a good beating and find funny ways to make us think what we have done wrong. Plus, beating isn’t too much fun when it happens with us but it is super fun when it happens with our sibling or a friend. A flying chappal is the most common weapon used by dads.

Do we want to change it? Na, we are good. It is all fun. Our dads punish us when we make a mistake. They love us a lot and want us to learn the right thing.

What does your dad do when he gets angry? Or if you are a dad, and reading this article, do share with us what do you do when you get angry in the comments section.


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