Do Kids Actually Prefer Using Gadgets Over Outdoor Sports? You Would Be Surprised With This Small Survey We Did!

These days many kids play on mobile phones and the kids’ parents are worried. So I have done a survey and I am surprised with the result that 90% of kids like outdoor sports. Here is what the kids have to say. Rishi says, ‘I like outdoor games more as it makes me fit and strong.’ I think that is pretty true.

Varad Shrivastav adds that outdoor sports boost our energy levels and thus help us stay fresh and happy. Who wouldn’t agree with him. While parents feel that a lot of children are not even aware of the benefits of outdoor sports; it is pretty evident from our survey that children today are well aware of all the benefits of outdoor sports but unfortunately they either don’t have enough space to play or they have a lot of restrictions; don’t make a lot of noise, don’t play near the cars and the irony is that there are cars everywhere.

I feel, even when children really want to play outside, they are actually not able to do so. Marvi too loves playing outside and says, ‘When we go out to play, we make a lot of friends.’ I agree as this also helps us become more social. Dhriti loves to run and cycle. Swati states that she likes to play in fresh air.

People say that today’s kids have changed a lot and are more into technology but I feel that kids are still the same but their surroundings have changed. They do not have proper spaces to play plus they are overburdened because of numerous extra classes.

If we give children place to play and the freedom to play, they will be happier and their health will also be better.

We are proud to inform that our Young Writer, Soham Gattani has won Second Prize in Creative Writing Competition held in his school.


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  1. That’s reassuring that children do prefer to play outside rather than inside with technology. It’s scary how young some children are walking around with iPhones!
    Great post

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