My Grades Don’t Define Me – Soham Jategaonkar

Have you ever heard the statement “My grades don’t define me”? Did you know that the founder of Apple and the great businessman Steve Jobs failed in the subject business? How ironic isn’t it! But sadly, today, a student’s choice of career and education is just not accepted by the society and even the child’s own parents! Though better grades may give better career opportunities to a child, he or she would not have the freedom pursue a career of his/her personal choice.

I feel so because every child is unique and should be given an opportunity to perform and pursue his or her own interests. These days, many children are forced to pursue careers they have no liking for, and in some cases the pressure on students by the society and their parents is so much, many children end their lives; rather than living in a world where they can’t even control their own lives.

 These days, every student is forced to be an engineer or a doctor. This overabundance of students in one field is causing a wave of unemployment.

Also, if a student is not too great at a subject, he or she may excel in some other subject!

A fine example would be an incident that occurred last year. Aman, a friend of my older brother graduated 10th with 95.7% marks. His parents were very happy, until he revealed that he wanted to join the ‘arts’ stream. His parents didn’t accept this as the arts stream is considered to be for students who score low marks and careers are less salary-oriented, so his parents wanted him to join the science line. He fought with his parents, but unfortunately, today he is pursuing something that he never even wished for. 

There are many other cases like Aman’s all over the world. It is sad seeing such unfairness students have to face.

In the end, I would like to state that a person is greater than grades. If a student is not too great at a subject, he or she may excel in some other subject, and we need our society to believe this. Dear parents, please allow us to love ourselves! Dear parents, please allow us to control our lives!

Though grades may define my career, they don’t define me! I may not score well in math, but I excel in art!


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  1. Soham your thoughts are excellent and very well presented
    Hope and wish people understand,this well

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