Mother in Law – Cracking the Code

Miss Zesty

Shaheen Ara with her beautiful mother in law says, ‘Loving her like my own mother helped me create a strong bond with her.

Now, this one is a tricky
topic, we asked for tips and tricks and got only a few, most of them anonymous.
Well, that tells us how risky it can be to even touch the topic. But the thing
is very simply, our article is not to gossip but to find a solution, to
maintain perfect harmony in the house. Moms in law are generally all trained
and know how to deal with a new woman in the house, but the daughter in law is
inexperienced and so gets confused.

First of all it is very
important to mention that here we are discussing the common conflicts that
happen in every family, taunting, pointing out mistakes, never appreciating the
efforts, continuous comparing, and things like that.


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