Miss Zesty’s YWC Member Profiles

Yajat Shrivastava
Yajat Shrivastava is humble, kind and funny. He always has an interesting take on everything but knows when to share the right thing with everyone in the group. He ensures that the conversation never stops in the group.

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Marvi M Rao
Marvi is a little girl with big imagination. She is creative, hard working and never shies away from sharing her opinion. A girl with strong will and sweet voice.

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Varad Shrivastava
The picture says it all – One moment you would feel that Varad is totally uninterested and is carefree, but the moment you have a conversation with him, you would realise that he is extremely sincere and an absolutely no-nonsense person. It is this spontaneous nature of his that makes him stand out in crowd.

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Soham Gattani
Soham’s mind is always full of ideas. You ask him for one solution and he would come out with multiple solutions. His mind is continuously thinking of new story ideas. A Rubik’s Cube enthusiast and champion, Soham is a multitasker.

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Dhriti Yadav
Some can mistake her calm and quiet nature to be only dimension to her personality but Dhriti is surely the one to surprise everyone. She is fierce and creative. She is extremely hardworking and once you assign a task to her, you know that it’s already done.

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Soham Jategaonkar
Soham has innate leadership quality. He would step ahead to take the responsibility and works well with the team. He surely thinks beyond his age, looks at things beyond what they normally look and is extremely concerned about the larger issues.

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Shaarav Patwardhan
Shaarav is full of enthusiasm and quirks. He is creative, imaginative and extremely active. He always has a wonderful smile on his face and adapts easily to any kind of changes. He is a wonderful speaker and has strong logical reasoning skills.

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Rishi Mitra
Rishi is an enthusiastic learner. He is always eager to learn about new things and hence has a lot of questions to ask. His zeal to know more inspires everyone around him. A big fan of the Indian Army, Rishi has a very strong personality and inner strength.

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Kavya Verma
Kavya is responsible and is a good leader. She listens carefully before she finally shares her opinion. She takes up multiple responsibilities and excels in completing them within the given timeframe.

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