A Married Woman is Equally Responsible to Take Care of Her Parents

Miss Zesty

Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

In Indian society, the norm is that the male child is responsible to take care of old parents. But what baffles us is the fact that old parents’ responsibility is divided on the basis of gender. Why can’t a married woman take care of her parents or why shouldn’t she?

it is important to broaden our mindset before going through this article. Any
child, son, son in law, daughter or daughter in law, all four of them are
responsible to take care of both the sets of parents.

Another thing to understand is the fact, that while
a lot of women suffer the guilt that they are not allowed to take care of their
old parents, there are some who actually take advantage of the fact that girls
aren’t expected to take care of parents. Once, I came across someone whose
parents weren’t…

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