Introduction to YWC

You must have heard about a lot of children’s magazine but have you ever heard of a magazine created by children? We are pretty sure that the answer is a ‘No’.

We as parents decide everything for our children but we should realise that children should have the freedom to choose what they would like to read, what games would interest them, what kind of facts they wish to learn about and what kind of stories they would like to enjoy.
How to make sure that this happens?
We let them create their own magazine.

Miss Zesty’s Young Writers Club is one of its kind club in India. In this club children will be creating their own magazine every three months. They will be the correspondents, editors, illustrators, reviewers, and photographers. They will be deciding what to publish and why. Young Writers will be learning about various forms of writing along with working on their magazine.
Not only this but our young writers will also be working independently on their own books. They will learn about different genres and create their own story books, novels, comics, self-help books or something entirely different.
We shall also be conducting small book fairs to provide children with an opportunity to talk more about their books. At the same time digital copies of their books shall be published via Amazon KDP.

Students will be working under the guidance of Swati Shrivastav, a published academic author with 12 years of experience in the publishing industry. Swati Shrivastav is also the Founder and Editor of Miss Zesty Magazine, a digital magazine for women.

As of now, Miss Zesty’s Young Writers Club holds sessions every Saturday in Pimple Saudagar.
A minimum of 3 months membership is a must.
Fee for 3 months membership: 1500 INR

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