Amazing Benefits of Anveya, Moroccan Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil For Skin and Hair

Ever wondered what a few drops of oil could do for your skin and hair. Being a mom, life is hectic, busy and leaves me with absolutely no time to care for my skin and hair. Being in my thirties, I can now notice fine lines and dark spots on my skin and it just sometimes spoils my mood.

I just want to keep my skin and hair healthy and regular salon visits are sometimes not possible. I have always looked for Organic and natural ways to care for my skin and when I was asked to try Anveya, Moroccan Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil, I was glad to do so for a simple reason that Anveya Products are certified organic and natural so there is no fear of harming my skin with harmful chemicals.

First I tried Anveya Argan Oil on my hair. I simply applied a few drops of argan oil on my hair after shampooing and towel drying them. It really helped to deal with the frizzy hair. I have been using it for quite some time and I can feel that my hair texture is getting better. During summers, my hair tend to get dry and frizzy and Anveya Argan oil has worked wonders for my hair. Not only my hair but my skin is also getting better with it.

Here is how you can use Anveya Argan Oil for your Skin and Hair:

For Hair: You can either use if for hair conditioning by simply applying a few drops of it on towel dried hair or you can massage your hair well with it and keep your hair oiled for two hours or overnight to fight dry and irritated scalp.

For Acne: Lightly dab the argan oil with cotton on the affected area to get rid of acne.

For Wrinkles and Stretch Marks: Take 2-3 drops pf argan oil and massage well on your face and neck before sleeping. For stretch marks, you can take 5 drops and massage well on affected areas.

For Nails and Lips: You can even use Argan oil to keep your lips and nails healthy. Gently massage your lips and nails to notice a remarkable change in the overall shine and look.

Anveya’s Tea Tree Oil is also amazing. I mixed a few drops of tea tree oil in my shampoo and it really helped to keep my scalp fresh and relaxed. I have even mixed a few drops of tea tree oil in my carrier oil to use regularly. I even use it for aromatherapy and mix a few drops of it with water in a diffuser. You can even use it in case you are struggling with acne and skin infections.

No doubt, going natural is the only way to boost the inner health of our body and Anveya is definitely a good choice to do so.

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