This Mom is Helping Parents Inculcate Spiritual and Cultural Awareness in Kids and How!

Brinda Rana is a prolific writer and blogger. Her articles have been of great help to her readers. Always appreciated for her honest and unbiased take on social issues and parenting, Brinda Rana is quite popular in the writers’ circle.

However, what attracted us even more was her new venture, Krishna’s Kingdom. She has been teaching children values that can help them spiritually and mentally.

Anxiety and stress in kids is not a new thing. In today’s day and age, children go through a lot, competition, peer pressure and in midst of all this, we are left wondering where are we going wrong as parents.

What is it that we are lacking? The answer is Spiritual awareness. Yes, we need to inculcate the right values in our children, so that they know the difference between right and wrong. Yoga needs to be a part of their lifestyle to calm down their mind and soul.

Children today go through a lot, and with the high impact of the things that they constantly come in touch of via internet adds to it. We cannot ban anything, we need to impart the right knowledge in our kids and make them aware of their surroundings.

Brinda states, ‘Growing up, our parents made a conscientious effort to impart spiritual and cultural awareness and what I am today as a person is because of the foundation that was laid many years ago. In this day and age since ours is a nuclear society where in many families have both parents working, it can become difficult to inculcate such values on a daily basis. So, when I moved back to India from Atlanta, USA, I sought for some opportunity to impart the same vedic knowledge to kids.

One cannot deny that a child or any person can work more effectively if he/she is calm within. That’s the magic of spiritual and cultural awareness.

 Brinda further adds, ‘ISKCON Pune gave me a platform to do the same. In 2012 I started teaching children about various values that can help both their mental and spiritual growth. Apart from mantra meditation and yogasanas children learn about vedic culture through stories, art/craft activities, song/dance/drama and games. This keeps the mood light and fun and kids enjoy learning about our great spiritual heritage.’

Her program has helped many children in numerous ways and the parents’ feedback is amazing. The calming effect that it has on kids is what all parents wish for. The benefits of Mantra Meditation and Yogasanas cannot be denied on young minds. Their concentration level gets better, they are able to focus well and they learn the art of self-control through yoga. Brinda uses various techniques and tools to impart cultural knowledge and Miss Zesty team was extremely impressed.

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