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Makeup Essentials for Every Girl

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Makeup Essentials can confuse many? What to buy? How much is enough and how to get that perfect makeup look with a kit that can accompany you everywhere. It is important to have a makeup kit that carries all your makeup essentials and can easily be taken everywhere. If you are someone who’s just starting with makeup or is thinking of sorting the makeup, we are here to help.

  1. Primer or moisturizer: A primer is very important and should be applied before starting your makeup. This helps you get the flawless look and prevents the makeup from looking all cakey. If you don’t want to use a primer, you can always opt for a nice moisturizer.
  • Foundation: If you do not like heavy makeup or want something light yet effective for your skin then go for Very Me Foundation by Oriflame. I have Very Me Foundation by Oriflame; it is very light, spreads on skin easily and gives instant glow to my face. Always try the foundation on your neck to choose the right tone.
  • Compact: A good compact helps to give a finished matt look to your face. Make sure you choose the right shade for your skin. Lakme 9to5 or Absolute both have good compacts. You can even go for Maybelline.
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  • Kajal and Eyeliner: Get a kajal that can be used as eyeliner as well. I have The One, revolving kajal by Oriflame; it is easy to apply both as a liner and kajal. It helps define my eyes perfectly and gives my look a bright effect.
  • Mascara: Difficulty in applying eyeliner, no worries. You can always use a mascara to give volume to your lashes. A good mascara opens up your eyes real well and adds charm to your look. I own this wonderful mascara by Oriflame.
  • Three in One Brush: I have this wonderful brush that I had ordered from Club Factory. I use it to apply foundation, compact and blush and it works just amazingly on my skin. You can also by a small kit that has five basic brushes for eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, foundation and lipstick.
  • Blush: I use Lakme Absolute Blush + eyeshadow + highlighter. It is everything you need to add colour to your makeup. The colours are subtle and beautiful. A good blush adds healthy glow to your face, highlights your cheekbones and adds shine to otherwise dull makeup.
  • Lipstick: And finally the queen. Basic colours should always be there like a nude one, pink, maroon or red or any other colour that you like. You can even get a small palette with four basic shades so that it is easier to carry.
  • A Beautiful Pouch to keep it all 🙂

A simple makeup kit helps you carry all your essentials anywhere you want. It makes it easier for you to add some colour of happiness. This list is definitely going to help you sort out a nice kit for yourself or for someone you love.

Pooja Sharma
Fashion and Beauty Expert
Miss Zesty

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