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Top 5 Lipsticks Every Newlywed Girl Should Own

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“There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting.”

Makeup Artist, Pat McGrath

A good lipstick has the power to bring an instant smile on your face. Some colours are always in trend and some are simply meant for you. Our Fashion and Beauty Expert, Pooja Sharma lists out her top five favourite lip shades for you.

Chambor 406

Chambor 406 Deep Maroon Lipstick: This lipstick should be every bride’s top choice as it is the most suitable for every skin tone. Chambor’s 406 is perfect shade of maroon red to make you a stunning bride. Whether you chose to wear a gold toned saree, a yellow dress or a deep red gown, this beautiful colour by Chambor is always there to add charm to your beauty.

Mac Magic: This perfect red matt lipcolour, Date Red by Mac should be in every girl’s bag. A dash of this awesome lipstick and you are good to go. Every new bride is incomplete without it. This will definitely become your best friend. Team it up with beautiful sarees and your husband will fall in love with you all over again coz you will be looking your sexiest best. Wear this beautiful red by Mac on a date night and let it work its magic on your love.

Oriflame Persistent Plum: This funky plum colour is superb and goes well not only with ethnic wear but with western wear as well. Team it up with a nice number in black or white and the lipcolour will complete the look.

A Natural Number by Oriflame: This lipcolour has that light yet beautiful peachy look to it. Need a colour that does not go overboard when you go to the beach or simply hang out with friends. This peachy shade by Oriflame is your solution. Bring a fresh change to otherwise dark lip colours. And you can use it as blush on your cheeks as well to complete the look.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Red Lipstick: Although this is again a red shade, this is very natural. If you want to go for a more subtle shade of red that does not go overboard then go for it. Wear it with a simple, elegant saree or a suit and this natural red will complete your look.

These are five lipsticks that have always come handy when it comes to completing my look. Be it a dinner date or a family gathering, I can simply bank upon them to make me look my best.

Pooja Sharma

Fashion and Beauty Expert

Miss Zesty

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