Miss Zesty Magazine – April Issue

Swati Shrivastav
Founder and Editor
Miss Zesty

Miss Zesty was created almost a year after, I had given up everything. I left my job, stopped writing and deleted all my social media handles. All I wanted to do was to hide, and never write ever again. To be honest, even I did not know why I gave up everything for which I had worked very hard.

Anyways, as shallow as it might sound, one day I decided I can’t go on like this and so I went and got a new haircut. Yes, that’s what I did. Chopped them all in a short, or I should rather say, super short bob. The moment my mom saw me, she freaked out. My sister was shocked and I knew my husband would give a similar reaction. The moment I opened the door for him and he saw me, he smiled. He had this comforting smile on his face and he complimented me.

This was the day, I started afresh. I decided that I won’t let the zest in me die. I will do what I like the most – write. That day, Miss Zesty was born.

My website www.misszesty.com is for every woman who has the zeal and the zest to follow her passion and who loves all the roles she is playing in life. She is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife, a friend and everything she wants to be.

This is the first issue of Miss Zesty and hopefully many more to come. You can read each article separately on our website or simply download the magazine to read whenever you feel like reading. Hope you will love it!

This issue contains the following articles:

What Are Sugar Scrubs and Why You Must Use Them

कहां गए वो दिन?

A Colored Perception

Parent-Teacher Meeting, Communicate Effectively with Your Child’s Teacher

गर्मियों में ऐसे रखें अपनी त्वचा का ख़याल

How to Deal With a Slow Eater

ऐसे सुलझायें अपने बच्चे के धीरे खाना खाने की आदत को

Some Yummy Recipes by Mrs Mala Shrivastav

How to Stop Being A People Pleaser

 कैसे बचायें खुद को मतलबी लोगों से

If you wish to share your stories, articles or brand promotion with us, kindly mail us at misszesty@gmail.com.

Swati Shrivastav

Founder and Editor

Miss Zesty


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