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How To Be An Organised Student by Teertha Sangari

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What little minds can do is beyond our expectations. When during our book writing workshop, one of our student Teertha Sangari came up with the idea to write the book titled, ‘How To Be An organised Student’ we were truly surprised.

The book was completed within eight days and with such dedication. Teertha made sure that she shares all the tips and lessons she has learnt from her parents and teachers.

What makes Teertha’s book special is the fact that it is written by a student. So the tips given in the book are practical, simple and easy to follow.

Any student struggling with issues like time management, bullying, dealing with success or failure or more can find this book extremely useful.

Teertha is versatile, high energy and diligent individual. She is vivacious and has umpteenth number of friends very popular among her peer group and is loved by all.

She spends time listening to music and dancing on the latest tunes and is a Bharatnatyam 4th year student

She has achieved silver medal in English Olympiad at the international level.

She loves travelling and looks forward to exploring new places during vacation times. ‘How To Be An Organised Student’ is Teertha Sangari’s first book and she has tried to share all the tips and tricks to be one.

You can download and read her book and share your review with us.

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