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A Maid’s Daughter – A Wonderful Book by Ziya Mallik

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Ziya Mallik is an eleven year old girl, who thinks definitely beyond her age. The compassion and sincerity that Ziya possesses is commendable. Miss Zesty feels proud to present to you our wonderfully talented author of ‘A Maid’s Daughter’, Ziya Mallik.

Ziya Mallik is a young, energetic and enthusiastic 11 year old from Pune. ‘A Maid’s Daughter’ is her first book as a writer. She is a curious learner and in this book has attempted to express her thoughts through a story.  Ziya loves to dance and is learning the ‘Kathak’.  She is also fond of reading books, drawing, playing badminton and football. 

Ziya is studying in grade 7 at ‘Akshara International School’ and is very good at her academics. She has displayed proficiency in various competitive exams like Olympiads, Marrs Spell Bee, Homi Bhabha Science Exam. She is a friendly person, loves to be with family, friends and also a big foodie!!

‘A Maid’s Daughter’ is her first book and it is beautifully written. She has tried to showcase how humility can win over everything. At the same time, Ziya has dealt with issues like bullying and peer pressure in her book. In her own words, it hurts to see people judge someone on the basis of their colour, looks, caste or financial status.

Her efforts are commendable.

You can download Ziya’s book and read it to share your review with us.

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