This summer step out –In style with Smudge free Eye-makeup by LOVE IN Only on LaYuva

LAYUVA, an ecommerce marketplace, on boards makeup brand LOVE IN, which are exclusively available on, In 2016, LOVE IN was firstly presented in the internet market with the stylish cosmetics as her major products: The number of brand followers have now reached 2 million and Layuva is the first Indian company to be associated with this international brand. So stir up the drama in your eyes this season with LOVE IN.

This new range of long lasting- eye wear makeup will allow trend –setters around the country to experiment with their style every day with the options for creativity. Making it exciting for girls and boys who never want the drama on their eyes to stop.  It’s one for all product, only available at

New range of longer lasting eye makeup that will get you noticed instantly!

1. LOVE IN Liquid Waterproof long lasting Sketch Eyeliner Available at This liquid pen eyeliner is one that any (and every!) one can use to create their perfect eye look. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free liner of high-pigment, long-lasting eyeliner for summer 2019. Its precise and flexible tip: delicate cotton texture tip offers you fine and smooth eye lines ; water and smudge proof ; the intense liquid eyes doesn’t run off or smudge from humidity or sweat, long lasting; the super- concentrated formula pigmented for all day wear while easy to remove without residues.


                                                       Price Rs. 269

2. LOVE IN Shimmering Double Side Eye Shadow Pencil Available at A radiant eyeliner that also doubles as an eye shadow. It ,  get eye shadows, highlighter and eyeliners in one stick fine smooth texture easy colorings and long lasting, high pigment: different shimmering colours make your eyes bigger and charming. It’s made up with blend of Natural oil, this creamy LOVE IN Eye pencil glides on effortlessly and no fading , and comes in three creamy hues, coffee + shimmer, golden brown + shimmer and peach + shimmer for all skin types and the durability of 3 years.


                                               Price Rs. 350

3. LOVE IN Waterproof Long Lasting Smudge Free Curling Mascara Available at High-drama volume and high-impact curl in the blink of an eye. The jumbo brush fans and pushes lashes up and out, while the rich, carbon-black formula intensely thickens, curls and lifts lashes all day and volumizes lashes: for the ultimate eye opening effect. Unshakable but easy to remove, moisturizing and nutritious: its bee wax content keeps lashes smooth and thick.


                                                                       Price Rs. 359

About LaYuva:

LaYuva is a cross-border ecommerce platform which works on the philosophy of “e; Global Products, premium lifestyle; The Company has a huge database of global high-quality Products which are imported from over 36 countries including Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, United States, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and Norway. LaYuva has made an alliance with 18 leading international supply chain networks from Across Europe, Asia, Australia and America. It has direct supply from over 4000 international Brands which includes a database of 3.5 lakh products. LaYuva has a huge catalogue of high- Quality products in fashion, clothing, electronics, beauty and skin care, home utility and Home decor categories.

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