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A Soldier’s Mother

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She held his finger and taught him to walk,

Taught him songs when he learned to talk.

She touched his face and saw that strength,

His bright future she could see at length.

His motherland, her child wanted to save,

She knew her boy is the bravest of brave.

It wasn’t long when a soldier he became,

Love for the motherland was inside him like a flame.

A proud mother, touched his medals,

To her, his fingers were soft as petals.

A worried mother, let go her fear,

To the nation’s best, she sent away her dear.

Then came the devils, the murderers, the killers,

Her son killed all, they were terror dealers.

Then one gun shot her son got on chest,

My heart dies as I write the rest.

He saw his mother’s face with his eyes wide open,

He was hurt but did not drop the  weapon.

He killed one more and closed his eyes,

His heart could hear his daughter’s cries.

His wife hasn’t shed even a single tear,

She is strong as him and free of fear.

Her silent eyes tell a different story,

Shine on her face because of her husband’s glory.

He was brought back again, wrapped in tricolour,

Everyone said he was nation’s best lover.

And then his mother touched his medals again,

Her son’s sacrifice will not go in vain.

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