8 Tips to Tell If Someone Is A Toxic Person

A constant complainer, an angry cynic, or a persistent pessimist; we all come across such people in our day to day life. One person can have all the above traits or some of them. Such people are toxic and can drain you completely of you positive energy. However difficult it is to avoid being in contact with a toxic person, it is important to identify a toxic person and totally cut him/her off your life as early as possible. They not only take away all the energy but also make you feel guilty for no reason.

Listed below are a few traits of a toxic person.

They Manipulate You: Toxic people are manipulative. They make you work to please them. Their aim is to make you do what they want and it is always all about them. They use you to achieve whatever goals they have. There is absolutely nothing for you to gain by being in the company of a toxic person. They would suck all the positivity out of you and they see nothing positive in anything.

They are Jealous and Judgemental: Trust me their judgement basically arises from jealousy, criticism or gossip. If you go by them, everyone is full of flaws and has nothing good about them. If they start gossiping with you about others – watch out because you never know what they would be talking about you behind your back. They always have something sad, pessimistic or negative to say about situations or people.

They Have A Problem – ALWAYS: Their troubles are never ending. They will have one problem or other constantly. Drama attracts them. Even if you will solve one of their problems,they will have the nest one ready. You can offer solutions but the thing is they don’t really want to fix anything and would still keep on complaining. If you know one such drama magnet, then watch out before you become a part of it. They will always have a problem because that makes them feel important.

You Can’t Trust Them: Well, this one is pretty obvious but the thing is they know when to be kind. Whenever they would want something from you or would want you to act as per their requirement they would turn the “nice” switch on. Their attitude, and behaviour changes according to their needs.

They Make You Explain Yourself For Absolutely Nothing: They have nothing to do with your actions and decisions and yet you would find yourself explaining your decisions. actions or behaviour to them. They put you on defensive mode. They go to an extent where they leave you with no choice but to choose them. Divide and rule is their basic skill and can make you lose some really meaningful relationships just to satisfy them.

They Don’t Care About You: It was never about you, it is never about you and it will never be about you. They just want to talk about themselves, they want to do things that they like, they would do things or make plans as per their convenience and they would do this so skillfully that you wouldn’t even realise what just happened. They don’t care what concerns you and would be of no help ever.

They Rave About Themselves and Want to Win Every Conversation: They boast, and boast as if no one else stands anywhere in front of them. What they have accomplished, what they do, how they manage stuff and how skilled they are… and the list goes on. They think every conversation as a debate and simply want to win it. They think they are always right and have a very strong opinion about everything.

You Feel Disturbed After Talking to Them: Apart from all other signals this should be the most important one. Ask yourself: Do I feel good after talking to this person? Have I gained anything from this conversation? Does this make my confidence go up? If the answer to all these questions is one big No, then you know what you need to so as soon as possible.

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