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Nagging Moms Raise Successful Daughters

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Are you a nagging mom? Does your day start with such statements? “Beta padhai ki?” “Beta classes ke liye late ho jaogay!”

Don’t worry! Nobody is judging you. I am a nagging mom and I have got a very good news for you. So I came across this article on that talked about a study by University of Essex that states that your daughters are likely to be more successful if you are a nagging mom.

Gosh! I need to tell you, it just made me smile. Phew! Anyways, the research states that being a pushy parent is more likely to prepare your daughter for her success. It also states that teen girls that face high parental expectations by “main parent” (more likely the mom) fall less into the traps that hinder their pathway to success:

  • Less likely to end up in low paying dull jobs
  • More likely to get better education
  • Less likely to be unemployed
  • Less likely to be directionless or clueless in adulthood
  • More likely to choose a stable relationship
  • Less likely to get pregnant in teenage

The research was based on 15,500 pupils in England between 2004 and 2010.

The research states that setting high standards right from the start helps teenage girls to be more cautious and they are less likely to fall prey to random choices. It goes on to state that if you are getting door slams and eye rolling in response then it means you are in fact on the right track.

The study also revealed that the benefits of pushy parents was the most prominent among the least academic teenagers who have no teachers to encourage them.

The research said that no matter how hard teenagers try to avoid their parents advice it still ends up influencing them in a more subtle manner.

Editor Speaks

I would be lying if I would say that I am not a nagging mom or I don’t push my child sometimes to try and do something or to learn something. However, I try my best to maintain a balance and understand when my nagging is crossing the limit and burdening my child. As a parent the key is to find the right balance between pushing the child and leaving the child to just do whatever he/she wants. Although the research talks only about daughters, I personally feel that parenting rules should be the same for both boys and girls. As a parent we just need to push a little when we feel our child really needs it and also we can learn to let go sometimes so that our kids could learn something with their own experiences.

Founder, Editor

Miss Zesty

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