What Kind Of Shopper Are You?

What kind of shopper are you? I feel I am a blend of all of them 😎😎

Miss Zesty

We all love shopping. Some would shop to relieve stress, some would give in to their instant urge to own something, some might always get the best bargain and some would question and question a lot before buying.

Miss Zestytries and define some different kinds of shoppers. Read more to find out your kind.

1. The Serial Shopper:Let’s just say that a lot of us are guilty of it. If they could, they could buy an entire store. They think of every purchase with a sense of pride. Window shopping is not their thing. If they are out, they would buy something. If they are accompanying someone who needs to buy something, serial shoppers will end up buying even more, unintentionally of course. Shopping is their favourite past time.

2. The Loyal Shopper: This loyalist would always buy almost everything from the same place. When they enter…

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