Dealing With A Child’s Temper Tantrums

One of our most appreciated blogs: How to Deal With a Child’s Temper Tantrum

Miss Zesty

Let’s be real! A child’s temper tantrums are not just frustrating but embarrassing as well for most parents. Dealing with a full blown terrible temper tantrum can be exhausting. Temper tantrums are the hardest things to deal with. They are so random, one moment it would be like a fairy tale, all calm and quiet and suddenly a storm will blow you away. Frustration over something, not getting things his/her way or who pressed the lift button first, anything trivial issue can trigger a tantrum.
Tantrums are sometimes deliberate. The child slowly understands what is about to happen and if they don’t want that to happen, they will definitely throw a tantrum even before you say something. For example, your child will be playing happily in the park with you but the moment he/she would sense that you might me planning to leave, you will be surprised by a tantrum.

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