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Best Books For Kids When Travelling – Little Travel Bug

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Parents often face the challenge as to how they can keep their little ones busy while travelling. Another challenge is to to ensure that the kids not only enjoy but learn something new from every place they visit.

As children, we were taught to maintain a scrapbook to treasure the special moments and trips. With time, things have changed, an unorganized scrapbook is now replaced by a systematically designed book that ensures that our kids not only write down things ut create a treasure book that can be entertaining for everyone who reads it.

While searching for the best books for kids when travelling, we came across, Little Travel Bug. We were pleasantly surprised to find all the answers to our questions. The books by Little Travel Bug are engaging, systematically designed and ensure that the child is able to record each and every memory. Such books help children develop an interest in travelling and promote the habit of learning more about things, places and people.

I decided to order My Travel Scrapbook for my daughter and the book is simply an amazing creation.

Best Features of My Travel Scrapbook:

  1. My daughter could stick her boarding pass and that was the fun part for her as now she has made it a goal to collect as many boarding passes as possible.
  2. She wanted us to click pictures and even get them in hard copies as soon as possible, a good habit that was until now long lost.
  3. My Travel Scrapbook has stickers for each state and even international destinations and this is something every child loves.
  4. My Travel Scrapbook has sections for both national and international travels and so it covers a lot when it comes to sharing your experiences.

How Travelling is Beneficial for kids:

  1. Sharing life experiences such as travelling helps bring kids closer to the family.
  2. It helps kids learn how to be more adaptable and flexible.
  3. Travelling also helps to ignite the child’s curiosity to learn more about new things and people.
  4. Travelling makes the entire world a child’s classroom. A child can learn through experience and not just with words.
  5. Children also learn to celebrate diversity and become more accepting towards the diversity the world offers.

Travelling helps children become more independent and responsible at the same time it helps parents rediscover their inner child. My Travel Scrapbook by Little Travel Bug helps parents and children achieve all these goals in a fun way.

We have fallen in love with the books and we are sure you too will. You can order your books here.

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