To The Cutest Mama, With Love

This boy is the one we love a lot, we have spent a major part of our lives with this irritating, annoying, stupid, funny boy, who has eaten all our chocolates, pulled our hair, made us complete his notebooks, in fact… he has made us do all his work… and that was one of the best part of our lives. This boy has hardly confessed that he loves us the most but he has done many a thing to prove how much love his heart holds for us.

That’s how we thought he will always be – bhai, brother, bhaiya, dada… many names but one role – bullying the sister. And we love our brothers, we just love them the way they are. They have fought for us, taken care of us, brought us the best chaat, took us to our friends’ party and picked us when it was late just to make sure that their little sister is safe.

A little bully, a little soft, a little caring, a little strict, a little funny, a lot annoying. But then all of a sudden they change. The brothers who were once trying all they could to hide their emotions, cried like a little baby on our Vidaai.

I became a ‘Ma’ and he became a ‘Ma Ma’ double Ma 😛 These Mamas become gentler, softer and more submissive with their little nieces and nephews. They keep matching the baby’s gestures, habits, looks to ours. ‘You did the same when you were little’, ‘Even you ran like this when you were little’ are some of the things you can often hear your brother saying while playing with your baby.

The strict big brother becomes the softest person. He would become tik tik ghoda for the baby, take them for a ride on his bike or car, he would let the little niece comb his hair and put little pins, he would let the baby rest for hours on his chest and just look at the way they hold your baby! It is as if they see a tinier version of us in our babies.

Kids come running to their Mamas, ‘Mama, Mama!’ and their demands never end. These Mamas later become best friends to our kids, friend, philosopher and guides. 

The little boys who once kept on asking us for money or begging us to complete their homework and projects now become all responsible and loving. They would hold our baby’s finger and take them to a shop so that the nieces and nephews can buy all the chocolates they want.

The brothers who were always too busy to call us now keep calling us just to listen to our baby’s voice, to hear our baby call them Mama. The brothers who hardly texted us apart from important times, keep on asking us to send the baby’s pictures on whats app.The brothers who always said, ‘Tere birthday ka gift due rha’ will buy numerous things for our babies. Can you ever imagine your strict elder brother buying lace booties for your little daughter and that too with so much love and affection? The little frock that they select is like the best dress ever.

A strict brother, an annoying brother, a little brother, an always fighting brother, a brother who made fun of us when me looked good…. Becomes a Mama one day, holding immense love in his heart, the love that he always tried to hide behind all the things he did to irritate us, the love that increased so much when we gave him a niece or a nephew that he simply could not hide it anymore and showered it madly on our kids. The way they laugh when our kids do something, the glitter in their eyes when they hold our babies… it all shows a silent promise that they make to our kids – ‘Dear baby, I will love you, protect you and care for you just the way I loved, protected and cared for your mother, my little sister, till the end.’Dear Mama, you are the sweetest and the cutest. . . . mmmuuaaahhh

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