Why Sanitary Pad Brands Ignore Moms’ Life Altogether?

So the other day while watching television I saw this sanitary pad commercial that showed a journalist crossing railing and running to ask a question or something and all I could say was, ‘College going girls, journalists or girls playing sports . .  . never a mother.

My husband gave me a look as if I said something silly and that was enough sign for me to explain what I meant.

Almost every sanitary napkin’s advertisement talks about girls who are either professionals, giving an exam or playing in the field but they have actually missed us – the Moms. Do they even know how much running, jumping and sitting or lying in difficult position, do the Moms do? I guess they don’t know that we Moms sleep all night on the edge of the bed as our little one takes up the entire space, God knows how! You think anyone else can sleep like that during periods other than Moms.

Also, what they don’t know is that we often don’t even get the time to go to the washroom whenever we want so we also need the pads that can absorb more and stay fresh. I just don’t understand why they always show Moms worrying about their teenage girl when they can also show a Mom doing everything so well, managing a newborn, or a toddler or even a life with a teenage even during their periods.

I have a friend who has two daughters, one is 10 and the other one is 2. She drops the little one to day care, elder one to school goes to office, picks up the little one from day care, takes the elder one to keyboard classes and handles a whole lot of running around her kids and other stuff. Do these sanitary pad making companies think this is less challenging than the journalist they showed who jumps up the fence to ask a question? We Moms, do that kind of running and jumping every day. You should see when I take my daughter to the park. She runs like anything and I have to be on my toes all the time.

And don’t even ask about doing all the household chores. Before having kids we could still take a break, tell out husbands to order food or do things themselves but once we become Moms, we get no break at all even during periods. We are doing all the household chores, dishes, cooking, managing the house maids, driving kids to school, taking them to other classes, making them eat by running after them, even worse making them wear pyjamas (in my toddler’s case) and what not and we pick up the best option possible when it comes to sanitary pads because we know that our periods are not easy. But brands why you no see us??? 🙁 

I am not saying that the advertisements that they make are senseless. They do make a lot of sense, a journalist, a young girl, a sportsperson are good examples to show that the pads are good and trustworthy in challenging situations. But so is the case of Moms and I could not find even a single advertisement that showed how a mother with a toddler, a child trusts her sanitary pads’ company.

I am a mom, sometimes I just cannot go use the restroom even during periods, you know loo breaks are tiny vacations for me if I get to go without my toddler banging on the door until I come out. I am a mom, almost every night I sleep in the funniest positions possible just to make sure that my little one does not wake up if I try to move her. I am a mom, and almost all the time I am running after my toddler, jumping on the bed with her just to play or to get hold of her so that I could make her wear her pyjamas. I also need the longer pad with wings and extra absorption, with fragrance, with whatever science you can use to make them even better. My life during periods is as challenging as anyone else’s but I really don’t have time to analyse it more often. It would be great to see one of these brands focusing on the needs of the mothers as well.

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  1. This is an amazing piece of advice and I hope some ad agency comes across your post and takes some cue from this. Spot on! More power to moms.

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