Being Affectionate Towards Your Partner In Front of Kids is Important

Being affectionate towards your husband or wife in front of kids can work wonders for your kids. In most Indian households people still refrain from showing affection towards their partners but if done in right manner, small display of affection can help kids understand how relationships work.

You don’t need to over do it but that peck on the cheeks and a warm hug should always be there because when parents are affectionate in front of kids, it is good for kids and their relationship as well.

1.Showing non-sexual affection towards each other in front of kids assures kids that their parents are in a healthy relationship and how partners are supposed to treat each other.

2.It creates a positive environment in the house and children benefit from seeing their parents treat one another in respectful and loving ways.

3. Hugging, hand holding or little peck on cheeks act as reminders for kids that their parents really love each other.

4. Seeing parents in a happy, healthy relationship helps the child to grow emotionally healthy.

5. The child feels secure and stable as they don’t really have to worry or bother about Mom and Dad and they know that they take care of each other well. They can simply focus on being a child then.

6. The child gets to learn what a devoted relationship looks like. I want my child to grow up and have happy, healthy marriage and so I lead by example.

When we are affectionate in front of our child and we do know how to keep it all positive. It is just small hugs, hand holding, a kiss or simply a smile, everything is absolutely non-sexual. This is parents’ way of telling their child that their mommy and daddy love each other as much as they love them and they can just focus on being a child and on being happy. 

When kids see that their parents are respectful and loving towards each other, they are happier and thus they are able to concentrate on other things in a better way. At least from their parents’ side, they know that there is nothing to think or worry about and that makes a big difference. It is indeed a wonderful feeling to know that your parents love each other. Plus it brings us closer as a couple. I once heard a statement from my dad, ‘Your Mom is the reason for all the happiness in my house.’ He was never vocal about his emotions but this one statement gave me so much happiness.

We should not refrain from being affectionate in front of our kids. Appropriate amount of affection shown in a subtle manner is always good. Hug a little, hold hands and smile at your partner and see the magic in your child’s eyes.

Every morning when my husband and daughter leave for office and school respectively, my husband always gives me a warm hug and a kiss. Even when I am mad at him, and that can be for the silliest of reasons, or if he is in a not so happy mood; he makes sure that we hug when he leaves for office with our daughter as he drops her to school.
Whenever I hug my husband, my daughter comes and lies down between us and poses for the funny selfies. I can clearly see the happiness on her face.

Swati Verma, Founder and Editor

Miss Zesty

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  1. Swati, I think it’s very important. I love that you brought this up. We always saw my parents were very loving towards each other and it left such a good impact on us. Love your writing style as well.

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