How Much I Miss Being With A Newborn

Yeah! She is growing up… Can’t she just do it a little slowly. Seems like just a while ago she was a tiny baby who could fit into that little bassinet we had. But no, she is just growing up. It’s not that I am not happy about it but just a little slowly. I really miss the days when she was an infant, small and soft and cuddly.

I still remember the moment I heard her first cry and so does every mother. She was too cute. I had bought the smallest possible t-shirt for her and still it was loose. I remember I had to fold the sleeves twice so that I could see her pink palms. The shortest possible shorts were looking more like pyjamas and the cap was perfectly covering her eyes along with her head. I much I laughed to see my little elf.

But yes my little elf did bring the gift of immense happiness and joy in our lives. We laugh, we sing, we dance, we giggle…

I still remember how I used to massage her and deliberately massaged her little tushy more as it was so soft… two small cushions.

I remember singing songs to her while massaging her… “Mere ghar aayi… Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari, ek nanhi pari”

I remember her smiling whenever I sang. A person like me who never ever sang even when I was alone was singing to her everywhere house, road, park, restaurant, bathroom everywhere 😛

I remember how carefully I had to bath her, holding her properly in my arms, supporting her neck and then gently pouring warm water. Aaahh! how cute she looked all wet.

I remember wrapping her in that elephant hooded towel that covered her as if it was a blanket, which she now uses as a hand towel. How quickly my elf is growing.

Last year, I dressed her as an elf on Christmas, this year I am searching for Santa’s dress.

I remember searching for cute booties that looked amazing on her tiny feet, now she wears canvas shoes 🙂 I still have her first booties, pink ones with orange bows. When I hold them I can still feel her feet in them.

I remember waking up at night to feed her and the way she looked at me as if asking me, “I like you, let’s be friends” We became friends.

I remember the continuous movement of her arms and legs as we made her lie down on the bed, and how the speed increased with our smiles.

I remember how she used to hold my dress or touch my face… it was magical. It still is, and no she is no teenager, she is just one and a half year old, she is still tiny but bigger than what she was 😛

I wish she grows up well, healthy and happy but yes the time when she was an infant was amazing as well.

23 thoughts on “How Much I Miss Being With A Newborn

  1. I miss my newborns too. I have 3 kids and my youngest is now 10 months. I miss those tiny baby cuddles and the times when they didn’t talk back. I’m with you, I miss this newborn phase.

  2. So relateable! Just last night I was going through my photo album and was saying that I miss my girls being newborns. They grow up so fast!

  3. I know that I’ll be going through the same thing as you when I have my own little one. It’s already hard enough watching some of my friends children grow!

  4. I miss them being a newborn so bad. But I am not sure if I am ready to have one again. But I miss the newborn baby in my arms… now they are all running away from me. 😀

  5. The baby phase goes by so fast. I’m so thankful I’m expecting nieces and nephews so I’ll get to snuggle a newborn again.

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