I Dared To Start A New Journey at 45, Gurmeet Bhabra – Senior Oriflame Consultant

You must have ordered your favourite Giordani Lipstick by one of your Oriflame consultant and would have wondered how much they actually make or if the job is worth their time. Well we have got someone who started  doing the same, became a part of it and is now able to change her life to a great extent.

We all know how difficult it is to start a new job but not a lot of us can understand how difficult it can be when you restart your life at the age of 45. Yes, our very first woman in focus is Gurmeet Bhabra. She is in focus not because she has become some big hot shot, but because she had the courage to start a new journey in her life at the age of 45. She refused to give up and let anyone put her down and so we all can learn a thing or two from her.

Here is a short interview with Gurmeet Bhabra. Gurmeet is a self employed woman. She is an Oriflame Consultant and has been able to turn her life for good because of her hardwork and dedication.

1.    Tell us a little bit about your work?

I am a Mompreneur, a part of team Oriflame in India and promote moms to earn from home.

2.    What is the idea or purpose behind this business?

]I noticed that most of the girls or ladies who are talented and passionate have to let go their job or passion to be there for their children and family.

Then I decided to offer them an opportunity to work online from home without disturbing their daily routine.

We offer them to earn today and fulfill their dreams tomorrow.

3.    What is the most fun part about it?

Apart from getting my financial freedom back at myown terms and conditions we have a DREAMZONE club. And every month we organize an event and celebrate festivals of India by organizing colour theme, fun games and competitions.

4.    How have your clients’ response been?

My downlines are very happy to earn from home.

They also groomed themselves with the gifts offered by Oriflame.

Customers are also satisfied with the quality of products because they are made with natural ingredients and do not harm the skin. Also wellness products are also made with natural ingredients.

5.    What is the most challenging part of this job?

The most challenging part of this job is sometimes we provide full help by online training and online webinars but passion,persistent and patience is always needed for growth.

6.    How do you manage being a mom and a mompreneur at the same time?

I have two sons. Younger one is studying in school. But I manage it with my house work. Because I do everything online and it saves my time.

7.    What tips or advice can you give to the moms who aspire to start something on their own?

I can just say that a mother can do anything.

You only need Passion for your work

They should be persistent what they have thought to start and keeping patience to get its good results

8.    How has your family been to your work and the challenges that arise with being a mompreneur?

In the start my husband objected me working. My health issue also didn’t allow me to work. As I am 48 years old. And I have started my second journey in life. But I had the passion to do something different rather than fretting over the situation.

Sometimes I take my son with me for meetings too.

And I am doing it successfully. Now my family is also cooperating with me

9.    What keeps you motivated?

My passion to do something different in life.

As simple as her words might sound the idea is to promote the fact that it is never too late to start a new journey and it is never too late to get control of the situation in your life. Like every woman, Gurmeet faced a lot of challenges and ups and downs but what sets her apart from many is the zeal and the zest to keep going and to be an independent woman. It is not about how much you earn, it is about how confident this makes you feel. You get a sense of identity when you start doing what you always wanted to do.

Gurmeet Bhabra is Miss Zesty  in true sense because she has the zest in her to grow, to flourish to do what makes her happy. Our team at Miss Zesty salutes her for not giving up and starting afresh.

If you want to know more about Oriflame India and being a member of Team Oriflame, you can get in touch with Gurmeet on her Facebook Profile.

Want to get featured??? Don’t forget to write to us at misszesty@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Miss Zesty shares the stories of women who refuse to give up in life. Any further interaction between the readers and the featured does not hold Miss Zesty accountable.

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