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Célèbre Salon in Pimple Saudagar, Pune – Review

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If you are looking for a salon that brings classy trends and styles to existence at an affordable price then you must visit Célèbre Unisex Salon in Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

Personally Miss Zesty has given five stars to Célèbre. The service has impressed us so much that we just couldn’t stop ourselves from reviewing it.

I always carry a short asymmetric bob and simple as it might sound, it is not an easy cut especially when you have thin hair. I always dread going to a salon as I know the stylist would make it look something else. Honestly and fortunately no one has every ruined the cut but I was able to find the difference between a good cut and a super stylish hairstyle only after my visit to Célèbre. If you are searching for good salons in Pune, you must give Célèbre a try.

What I liked about Célèbre?

Attention to Detail: No one has ever spent more than twenty minutes on my hair, and reasons can be anything between, yours are thin hair, short hair or simple cut but at Célèbre, Suhaas, their technical head and lead hairstylist, took enough time to ensure that he properly cut every segment of my hair to bring out the best result. There was no rush, no hurry. It was simply flawless.

Attention to Quality: They use wonderful brands like L’Oreal when it comes to your hair or your skin. All products are the best quality, something that you find only in high end salons.

Attention to Hospitality: We have all been to salons or parlours that have something or the other negative to say about our hair or skin but not at Célèbre. The staff is courteous and does not pin points unnecessary criticism just to make the customer take more services. They always recommend what is actually needed and that’s a relief.

Attention to Latest Trends and Styles: Athar Rabi, Operations Head at Célèbre shared how important customer satisfaction is to them and the happy faces at the salon clearly proved it. The moment Suhaas Khandagale was done with my haircut I was so pleasantly surprised to see the finesse and clarity. My rather thin hair looked bouncy and thick. 

It was good to know that the staff regularly gets training not just in house but also attends regular workshops by reputed sources and thus they are always updated with latest trends and styles.

My haircut costed me Rs700 with wash and it was worth every penny. They also offer special packages for hair and other services to provide best services at reasonable cost. If you live in Pimple Saudagar or nearby and you are searching for good salons in Pune, Célèbre Unisex Salon is worth your time and money.

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