Activity Books for Preschool Kids by Dreamland Publications – Review, Editorial

If you are a mom to a little toddler, finding the right book is not a very easy task. With numerous options in bookstore the challenge is to find the right book with appropriate stimulations, and activities based on a child’s age. A good activity for a pre school going child needs to be full of beautiful pictures in good colours and it should have activities that not only attract but also stimulate a child’s thinking, reasoning and creativity.

With this thought in mind, we bring you our editorial review of Activity Books for Preschool kids by Dreamland Publications, by our Founder and Editor, Swati Verma. Swati has ten years of experience in teaching and academic publishing. 

Dreamland Publications, is a well known name when it comes to fun and educational books for kids. Dreamland Publications is a well established name in publishing industry and it lives true to parents’ expectations. The books are thoroughly checked and revised to maintain error free quality.

The books we are reviewing here are their series of Activity Books, that are created based on different age groups divided in different levels. The first level starts with age 3+. They have these series for English, Maths, IQ, Good Habits and Environment. It even covers Subjects like Science and Logical Reasoning for Age 7+. So basically it is a set of five books for each level, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+ and 7+. 

If we compare first, second and third Activity Book for English, we can easily see how swiftly and gradually the concepts are moving ahead. It begins with simple letter recognition and identification, which then moves to Upper and Lowercase alphabet and then to small spellings and other activities. The change is not sudden to confuse a child. The concepts are neatly arranged to enhance a child’s literacy skills. 
The same goes for IQ and Logical Reasoning, and Maths books.

Why You Should Buy Dreamland Publications Activity Books for Children?

  1. The books are beautifully illustrated, scientifically planned and articulated.
  2. At the same time, the language used in the books is simple and easy to understand. The books are simple yet fun to keep a child engaged for hours. This I can guarantee personally. No matter what my daughter is doing she simply comes back running if I tell her we are studying with Dreamland Activity Books.
  3. The quality of printing, binding and lamination is absolutely that of international standards. We have been using and reusing the books for more than three years and not even once we have faced any issues with binding or paper quality.
  4. The content is elaborate and covers the topics in detail. The exercises are short and they keep on changing. Each activity is different from the other and hence it never gets boring.
  5. The best part is the price at which we get this wonderful quality books. The books are reasonably priced.

I have been using Activity Books by Dreamland Publications for almost three years now. The books are immensely loved by my little one. She never says no to these books and has definitely learnt a lot through these books. As a teacher, an author and most importantly as a mom to a preschooler, I sincerely recommend Dreamland Publications books for kids any day.

Founder and Editor

Miss Zesty

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