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What Makes or Breaks My Look? Editorial

Miss Zesty is all about celebrating womanhood and the beauty attached to it. Beauty – that is not artificial or not just the beauty on the outside but the beauty within. The confidence we have, the zeal and zest we have towards life, the attitude we have where we are able to accept our flaws and strengths and embrace ourselves the way we are.

Does that mean we are not supposed to show a little self love. Absolutely not. Miss Zesty celebrates beauty that is natural, free of all the judgement, beauty that is more adorable than just being beautiful on the outside. That is the reason Miss Zesty decided to collaborate with Look Adora where you can find vast range of make up and skin care products along with jewellery and much more.

They asked our Founder and Editor, Swati Verma, ‘What Makes of Breaks Her Look?’ and here is what she has to say:

Swati Verma, Founder and Editor, Miss Zesty

Don’t forget to share what makes or breaks your look and tag Miss Zesty and Look Adora on Facebook.


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