Is Surbhi Rana the New Priyanka Jagga of Bigg Boss 12 House?

Surbhi Rana has always been vocal beyond limits in Bogg Boss’ House and was always seen hitting the emotional, soft spot of all the contestants including Dipika Kakkar and Sreesanth; now her new found victim is the man who supported her ever since the beginning, Romil Choudhary. She even blamed Romil of staring at her and making her uncomfortable. While her issues can be dealt with sincerity the problem arises with the kind of language she chooses.

Like a true opportunist Surbhi took up the chance to taunt anyone and everyone who dared to tell her the truth. She has been extremely rude on the show and as per many viewers wears a fake mask of being a truthful person. She definitely knows how to twist and turn her words to her own benefit and that is what she has been doing since day one.

It can be seen that Surbhi is too proud of her image in Bigg Boss House and is definitely living in a delusion that she is rocking the show with her aggression while the truth is just the opposite. Her behaviour towards Romil Chaudhary has been condemned by Bigg Boss 12 fans and it is definitely leading to her downfall.

It is surprising to see Romil still maintain his dignity with such negativity shown by Surbhi. Surbhi has even crossed the limit by bringing out Sreesanth’s infamous slapgate incident. While housemates are free to share their opinion it is totally crossing the line on Surbhi’s part. She even uses the words ‘Thappad’ repeatedly to instigate Sreesanth as he tries to keep calm even by being used by Surbhi multiple times, like being saved from nominations and becoming a captain.

In all this squabble Karanvir Bohra emerges out as a spineless contestant who always hits from the back.

Now the Bigg Boss 12 fans are eagerly waiting to see how Salman Khan is going to react to Surbhi Rana’s behaviour and absolutely unnecessary choice of words.

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