How To Never Be Late Again

Are you the one who is always late for everything? Are you always struggling to be on time?  Most of us do not do this intentionally. We don’t plan to be late but somehow we are not able to manage time and reach places or complete tasks on time. When we reach in the middle of an event or a meeting, we feel uncomfortable and worse thing is that the punctual people assume that we are doing it on purpose and do not bother about the commitments. 

On the basis of reasons or issues, there are four kinds of late comers, according to Diana DeLonzor, Author of Never Be Late Again:

  1. The Absent-Minded Professor: This is the one kind who is easily distracted. You can find them hunting for something completely different and then be late for what was already planned.
  2. The Deadliner: These are the ones who start working just a few minutes before the deadline is over. They generally believe that they work the best under pressure while the fact is that the usually waste a lot of time procrastinating.
  3. The Producer/All Rounder: A lot of us are guilty of it. They believe that they can do a lot of work in the least amount of time and they like checking things off their to do list but are usually late in completing a lot of things because they take up too much of work.
  4. The Rationaliser: They make up a lot of excuses for being late but they would never admit that they are late because they couldn’t plan better.

Whatever your type is, the more important things is to find out ways to overcome lateness:

  1. Fix Time Duration For Everything: It is always better to assign the right amount of time to everything like shower, food, getting dressed etc and sticking to it.
  2. Be Prepared Beforehand: It is always advisable to to finish your morning prep the night before. Decide the dress you are going to wear, accessories, children’s clothes, school bag, office bag, dry snacks. Everything that can be done beforehand save you from the morning panic.
  3. Tik Tok Ahead of Time: Try setting your clocks ahead of time. Set your clocks Fifteen twenty minutes ahead of the actual time, as this helps you rush even before you are late. Initially you will remember that your clock is ahead of time but try and make a conscious effort to forget the same.
  4. Control The Rush To Finish Little Things: Women have this urge to finish one last thing before finally stepping out, like setting the cushions right, putting shoes in shoe rack, filling that one empty water bottle. Remember what is important in the moment as little things can wait.
  5. Priority: Always prioritize right. Always start with completing the most important tasks first and stay focused to one thing at a time.

One thought on “How To Never Be Late Again”

  1. I used to try to be 3 minutes early to everything and set my watches accordingly but after having kids, I found I was consistently 11 minutes late to so many things. I now start everyone moving out the door and at least getting ready 1/2 hr ahead of time and I have started setting our clocks 5 minutes fast (at least the clock in the car and my watch) My husband doesn’t like having things set fast but I can get away with it on certain timepieces, lol!

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