How To Let Go When Someone Says Something To Hurt You

Some people need filters before talking. They really do. There are two situations when someone says something to hurt you. One, they are not thoughtful enough to think before they speak; two, they purposely say things to make you feel hurt, sad and distressed.

As easy as it might sound, it is not that easy to let go of the things people often say to hurt us. More often than not, hurtful comments are made purposely and are targeted to hit where it would hurt the most. We constantly try to change, improve and even end up finding faults in our own self. Even worse, hurtful comments and remarks often fill our heart with a strange bitterness and snatches away the peace of mind.

We read a lot of articles that talked about the ways to deal with hurtful comments and as silly it might sound, we have our own version and ways. Having said this, no matter how difficult it seems there are certain things we can do to free ourselves form the pain caused when someone says something to hurt you:

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  • Compassion: If the hurtful comments come from a person who never says anything to hurt you and has said things for the first time, then, you need to think before you react or start to feel the pain. Think, what would have led to such an outburst and understand that the person said the things because he/she was not capable enough to handle his/her emotions. 
  • It Isn’t About You: The person who is saying something to hurt you is actually hurting inside and is not even able to cope up with his/her emotions. Now this is no excuse to hurt someone else’s feelings. So instead of feeling hurt by such a person’s comments, feel pity on them that they are not mature and capable enough to deal with their emotions. 
  • Know That You Are Rocking It: Hurtful comments often make way when the person is jealous of you. Jealousy is one of the biggest reason for someone to be mean to you intentionally. In this case as well, instead of getting affected by such hurtful comments, feel proud that your life and growth is making such people envious. In fact smile more!

When someone says something to hurt you purposely, there is a chance that they are jealous of you and you must be doing something really amazing.

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  • Sorry, I am not Sorry!: Yes, never feel depressed over harsh comments. Comments can hurt you only if you allow them to. People can share their opinion but they can’t hurt us unless we allow them to.
  • Smile More, Love Yourself: Self love is as important as loving and respecting others. Love yourself and when you feel hurt, don’t shy away from telling yourself that you are awesome and one person’s opinion can’t make you a bad person.
  • Write it and throw it: Somethings are not easy to forget. Write down the things someone has said to hurt you and on another paper write a resolution to deal with that person. Now throw the first paper that had the mean comments in the dustbin because that’s where they belong. Keep the second paper with you. For example, if you understand that the person is being mean to you intentionally, snatch the power from them. Keep them at a distance and keep your interactions limited with them. Repeatedly tell yourself that this person is not worth your time.

4 thoughts on “How To Let Go When Someone Says Something To Hurt You

  1. आप के post मुझे बहुत अच्छे लगतार है आप कुछ लिखे इसका मुझे हमेशा इंतजार रहता है क्योंकि आप की बाते बहुत सच्ची और असरदार होती हैं एक तरह से कुछ न कुछ अच्छी बातें हमेशा मिलती हैं जो दिल को सकीं दे या फिर मेरे चेहरे पर smile ला देती हैं सुक़ून वाली आप सच मे बहुत ही अच्छी इंसान होंगी , आज शायद मै कुछ उदास थी कुछ बाते hurt की थी पर आप का पोस्ट पढ़ के अब मैं relax feel कर रही आप का बहुत बहुत सुक्रिया.. God bless you and you always keep smiling and take care..
    क्या मै आप से दोस्ती कर सकती हूं.. अगर आप को पसंद हो तो क्या मैं आप को Zesty दीदी बोल सकती हूँ
    आप हमेशा smile करना plz

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