Woman In Focus – A Talented Photographer, Namrata Pandya

I have no talent. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

When you think about talented people that is the most appropriate quote. When you are passionate about something, you just do it and do it the way no one else could. Such is the talent of our today’s woman in focus, Namrata Pandya. She is a homemaker, a mother and a wonderfully talented photographer.

Namrata Pandya
Photography Expert, Miss Zesty

Her photographs tell a thousand stories. Be it nature, wildlife, birds, human emotions, or small moments in our day to day life, she has an exceptional talent to make everything extraordinary. We have fallen in love with her creativity and that’s why she is now our official photography expert.

Let’s have a look at some of her amazing photographs.

Her love for nature:

Her love for human emotions, fashion and food <3

We are completely in awe over her work and that’s why it gives us immense pleasure to welcome her to our team at Miss Zesty. Her creativity will now help us bring out the best in our articles and be a treat to your eyes.

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