Message For My Child’s Maasi

From the day we get to know about our pregnancy to the day our baby is born; from the time our baby is born to the day it starts walking; from the day our baby starts walking to the day it goes to school for the first time and so on… if there is one woman who is as excited and as crazy as the mother – then it is the Maasi. Our lovely little sisters or the elder ones as well. Mine is younger to me so I know more about the younger ones.

These Maasis are the queens of pampering. The pampering starts right from the day you tell them that you are going to give them a little niece or nephew. If you are visiting your parents’ house and share the bed with this Maasi to be, this time you are going to get more space on the bed unlike the older times when you both used to fight for more space.

They are going to bring you anything and everything you want to eat, even better and faster than our husbands because they know more about your favourite food. Keep in mind it is not for you, it is for the little one who is going to be this Maasi to be favourite child in the world.

They go all crazy with the shopping. So you think that because the baby inside you was growing, you bought a few onsies. Wait, till you see what they have done. From little mittens to booties to the funniest onesies possible, to strange rattles, to funny bibs and what not. They have got everything ready for the baby who has not even born yet.

They get all too careful because you have that big baby bump that they (younger ones) don’t really know or understand about. They will walk in front of you like a bodyguard, crazy bodyguard, making sure that not even a feather should touch the tummy in which you are carrying THEIR nephew or niece, it is as if they own the baby.

These Maasis are as eager as us to hold the baby and the only difference is that the baby is growing inside our body. In fact they get quite jealous when some other woman/ girl gets close to the baby except the mother. She will never ask, ‘How is your baby?’ she will always ask, ‘How is my baby?’


And once the baby is born, they become crrrrazzzzyyy!!! They will shower the baby with gifts. Every time they will meet you they will have a bag full of gifts, even if they can’t visit you, you will keep on getting couriers. They will wait for the yes so that they could fill their social media links with the baby’s pictures. The pages that were once full of their cool selfies will now be bombarded by your baby’s pictures and cute captions.

And it is not just about materialistic things. These Maasis, who up until now, did not share their chocolates with anyone will now give everything they own to the baby, in my case my sister who used to take the maximum number of paneer cubes from the curry, now gives all to my daughter as she also loves paneer, and that too happily.

Even when sometimes your mother, or mother in law or husband would not want to clean the baby’s poop, these adorable Maasis never refrain from anything that is needed to be done for the baby. These Maasis will clean the poop with expertise as if they are the mother, bathe the baby, dress them up smartly and do their hair like a ‘good’ boy or girl.

What surprises me even more is that even the babies have this connection with their maasis. They are super friendly and comfortable with them right from Day 1. Even when they don’t want to go to any one else except the mother, they would lovingly go to their Maasis. I remember when my daughter was just a few months old, no matter how much I tried I could not make her sleep in my lap using all those rhythmic motions of the knee and  gentle patting; it hardly took ten minutes for my sister to do that. So, being a mother, I couldn’t do what she used to do for my baby with so much ease.

If someone would ask me to name one person whom I trust after my husband to take care of my baby then it would be my sister, my baby’s maasi – yes, even before my parents, I trust this Maasi, for I have seen her worry for my daughter just like me, sometimes more than me; I have seen her planning for my daughter more than me, pampering my daughter, loving my daughter, taking care of her with such devotion even during her CA exams, more than anything else, I have noticed that babies love their maasis just the way they love their mothers.

I will choose a maasi not just because I know that she loves my baby a lot but because I know that my baby is the happiest with her maasi, my baby loves her a lot, may be more than a lot of people around her.

Out of the first friends that a child makes, these Maasis are the cool, badass ones, they make the child smarter and stronger.

In a bid to thank the husbands, the mothers, grandparents and teachers, ,we often forget these heroines, the Maasis, who were once little girls (younger ones) who instantly develop the motherly instinct the moment our babies are born. They even start taking care of us like a mother. They, in their own beautiful, childish, adorable ways try to pamper our babies and we love it. We love the silly collages they make, we love it when they bring those enormous teddy bears for our babies, and kids love their maasis, it is a known fact.

I have hardly seen anything written to praise these unsung heroines – the maasis.

So this one is only for the Maasis, who in true sense are Maa si, sometimes more fun than a Maa. Maasis who love our kids just like us, who experience the feelings of a mother even before they give birth to their own child. We moms love you Maasis <3

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  1. आप को पता है मेरी बेस्ट फ्रेंड फातिमा है 8 years से । मेरी best friend जिसे दोस्त से ज्यादा मै अपनी सगी बहन मानती हूँ क्योकि मेरी कोई सगी बहन नही थी एक साल पहले शादी उसकी हुई हम लोग एक दूसरे से हर बात शेयर करते है वो good news दी तब से मैं बहुत खुश और बहुत excuted हूँ अभी काफी टाइम है but मैं भी maasi बनने वाली मैं उसके लिए सब कुछ करना चाहती हूं आप का ये ब्लॉग पोस्ट मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा जैसे मेरी exitment explain की गई हो आप बहुत अच्छी हो Zesty didi

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