Writing in Hindi Just Got Easier with Rhymly

With numerous apps that help writers find words that rhyme with English words, we have very little help when it comes to Hindi. While writing in Hindi, especially while creating poems in Hindi, the challenge is to find the right rhyming words. How often you have left incomplete poems, quotes or even changed the subject or lines because you couldn’t find the rhyming words in Hindi? This has happened with a lot of us.

3That’s when Rhymly comes to your aid. If you are a Hindi writer or follow the most popular and loved Hinglish trend for your platform, you are definitely going to fall in love with Rhymly App. Rhymly is a one-stop content tech platform that helps budding creative writers search rhymes & meanings of Hindi words, create original couplets while rhyming on the fly, discover & share awesome content & also get themselves featured on the app every day.

All you have to do is take care of the creativity part and the rhyming will all be Rhymly’s job. Just type in your word and you could find different words that rhyme with it. People who regularly create and post Hindi or Hinglish quotes and couplets have found Rhymly to be of great help.

When Miss Zesty found out about this app, she literally spent an hour creating couplets using various prompts given on the Rhymly App. Yes, it is that addictive. Our team is totally crushing over this useful yet fun app, to an extent that a lot of us are communicating in kafiyas. We tried this app for a week to finally share the review with our readers.

It is no surprise to us that now we hear someone call out to the peon, ‘Bhaiya do coffee laana’ and gets another input, ‘Meri wali mein shakkar mat milana’.

2On a serious note, Rhymly is definitely here to stay as it is doing a great job when it comes to helping Hindi writers find the right words for their creation, absolutely free. A start up by ‘Poemidian” Poet + Comedian, Arpan Khosla, Vishal Kalra and Aakansha Aggarwal, Rhymly is changing the way we used to write and create content in Hindi. Rhymly covers the entire process of short content rhyming, writing, sharing and discovering. You don’t have to go to multiple platforms as everything is covered on a single platform. With over 19000+ users, Rhymly is planning to go multilingual.

If you haven’t tried the app, you can download it here: http://bit.ly/RhymlyApp


IMG_20180906_174709_520Editor Speaks

As a team that needs to create quotes for Social Media Posts and for various articles, apps like Rhymly make things easier for us. Now creating interesting, motivating or funny couplets for Facebook pages has become a lot more convenient.

Check out to small video to our featured Rhymly App.






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