Old Wives’ Tales and Myths – Breaking Them One At A Time

It is quite easy to believe in these old wives’ tales and bare faced lies. When health is concerned such myths are quite popular, to an extent that many people start relating it to actual medical science. A little research and we are set to break some old myths for you.

1495569873290MYTH 1: Never drink water during a meal

You don’t need water while eating if your meal comprises of thin dal, sabzi and buttermilk but considering the dry lunches we often have, water is needed. In fact, think of your stomach as a mixer that has to churn everything, something you can’t do without water. Water is important for good digestion.

MYTH 2: Whey Proteins are only for body builders

Whey protein is simply a simplified form of amino acid needed for muscle building, and effective in muscle repair. A basic whey protein is needed or often prescribed to meet your body’s protein requirement in case your diet comprises more of carbs than proteins. As one grows older it becomes important to incorporate suitable whey protein supplement to help them gain strength, repair muscles and maintain stamina.

MYTH 3: Fats are not good.

Focusing on low or no fat stuff to get that slim figure. Well, you are going in the wrong direction. We need healthy fats – olive oil, ground nut oil, rice bran oil, extra virgin coconut oil, ghee and nuts. All of these are rich sources of Omega 3. The key is to avoid cold cuts, packaged and processed food with high sodium content. 

MYTH 4: No Eating Out when on diet.

Never make being on a diet a punishment for yourself. Don’t really enter all gathering with your own dabba (Too rude). You can always choose steamed dim sums, salads, clear soups, stir fried vegetables, idli or multigrain options available. Eating wrong things outside is going to harm your body.

MYTH 5: Fruit Juices can help you loose weight faster

It is even better to have the fruit instead of squeezing the juice out of it. You get the benefit of a fiber rich fruit that is lost in the juice. Choosing whole fruits over juice is always a wiser option for people on diet.

MYTH 6: Carbs will make you fat.

Bananas and Potatoes contain the much needed combination of vitamins and minerals. Avoiding potatoes while munching on packaged or processed snacks is simply a waste of time. The key is to choose food from all groups in right quantity.

MYTH 7: Fasting can help you lose weight quickly.

Look at your daily diet for unwanted calories you can cut out, such as refined grains and sugary drinks. Cutting out entire meals and later binging on  heavy meal is not the right way to lose weight.



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