Five Ways To Find Some Me Time As A Mom

Have you ever heard of “Me Time”? Have you ever heard of a mom’s “Me Time”? Are you a mom craving for some “Me Time”? And we are not even talking about the ‘Me Time’ where you get to relax at a spa or something; just the me time to have coffee without reheating. Some might think that we are exaggerating but ask any mom and she will have numerous instances when she had to eat cold dinner, reheat her coffee and get up in between a meal to clean pee, poop or something else.

You might often find articles that would suggest you numerous things to do for a ‘Me Time’ but none will share the tricks to actually find the time for yourself.

‘Me Time’ might be a luxury for some but for a mom it is a necessity in order to stay sane. Here are some ways to find some “Me Time” as a mom.

Plan It Out

Yes, plan everything. If your child has started going to school, even if that means two hours, make sure that you don’t do any household chores in that time. Make sure that your house help either comes before it or after it. Miss Zesty prefers before, so by the time husband, maid and child leaves, almost all your home cleaning and stuff is done. Those 2-3 hours, just to relax, write, do something you wish to, catch up on your lost sleep or have breakfast peacefully to keep yourself sane.

In case your child is still little and has not started going to school, it is always advisable to start your day early. Let the baby wake up early and involve with your baby, massage, bathe, feed and play. A good and active morning routine ensures that the child is happy and by the time it is almost twelve, the baby would want to take a nap. The key is to again make sure that either our maid has come during those active hours or in case you manage those chores then you do it early morning.

The most important thing is to make sure that your days start early. Earlier you will wake up, more time you will have to manage things.

Take Help

There is no need to become a super human. Ask for help when you feel you really need time to relax. Let your husband or some other trusted family member be with the child for some time as you give yourself a few minutes or hours to rejuvenate.

Collaborate With Friends

If it works out with you and your close friends, you can actually take shifts. One day you can take care of hers and your kids for an hour or two and similarly your friend can do so for you. 

Let The Kids Sleep Early

Going to bed at 8 p.m. is actually a very good idea. Let them take a small nap in afternoon if they are babies, otherwise, let them stay active all day. Serve dinner early, follow your bedtime routine and let them sleep by 8/8:30. That bracket between 8-10 is actually a very good time to relax.

Take Outside Help

There is no harm in taking help. If you don’t have any family member or friend who could help you then hire a baby sitter for a few hours or just an hour. Let that time be yours. You will know what your baby is doing at the same time, you will be a little more relaxed.

Don’t Waste It Out On Black Hole Activities

We don’t notice but often we would spend a lot on time on phone that is unproductive. In case you find yourself engaging in activities that are neither relaxing nor refreshing try to avoid them.

IMG_20180906_174709_520Editor Speaks

At the end of the day, I know that “Me Time” won’t always be possible so I try and engage in activities that both I and my daughter can enjoy together like dancing. I often take friends’ help and let my husband handle things once in a while so that I can relax. It works the best if you and your spouse share responsibilities to help each other.





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